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Blackbushe Flying Group was set up in 2014 with our first aircraft, a Beechcraft Musketeer Super III. One of only 6 Musketeers in the UK and one of only 2 remaining Super III editions.


Since then we have grown slightly (kind of by accident) and have gained further aircraft to our fleet including a Duchess (twin) and three great little Reims Cessna 150's, a Reims Cessna 172, a PA28 Archer III, a Piper Arrow III, a Piper Seneca Turbo, a Cessna 182 and a Turbo Mooney! Sadly we took the decision to dispose of our Beech Musketeer in 2017 and replace it with some different aircraft which are proving very popular.

We currently operate 11 aircraft making us the largest non-equity aircraft hire group in the UK and we plan to continue growing for as long as there is demand.


We intend to develop the group in a sensible manner so that members can benefit from flying a variety of aircraft within one monthly membership. That's what makes us unique and popular amongst our members.

Our members range from newly licenced private pilots (PPLs) who are wishing to develop their skills and fly different aircraft to experienced professional airline pilots (ATPLs)with 1000's of hours who love the quality and variety of aircraft at their disposal.

We are corporate members of AOPA, part of the largest association of pilots in the world with over 430,000 members in 66 countries.

We offer membership discounts to all AOPA members valid for the period of your AOPA membership.

Find out about AOPA membership by clicking the logo below.


Contact us 

07580 848484


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