FLY Neutral with

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously when it comes to protecting the environment which is why, from November 2018, we have teamed up with eforests so that we can neutralise our carbon footprint on the planet.

Did you know?

  • Our aircraft burn approximately 100,000 litres of avgas each year.

  • By combustion, our aircraft produce 168 tonnes of harmful CO2.

  • in order to neutralise that CO2, we must plant 336 new trees each year.

All of our members can now fly and be assured that each flight is carbon neutral and our trees will be planted in a variety of locations around the UK. Wonderful!

We are the only GA flying club in the UK to make such an effort, however we really hope that others will follow by our example and help to protect the environment.

The link below shows a live counter of how many trees we have planted so far with our FLY Neutral scheme. If you wish to add to our forest, click the link below. We'd love for everyone to join in and help us.