Fuel Reclaim Application


Updated system effective 25/04/2021


  • All fuel reclaims (both UK & Non UK) will be credited to your flying account at the rate paid, capped at the home airport fuel price at the time of uplift.

  • Reclaims may not be made from locations where we hold a fuel accounts. Check here for current fuel account locations.

  • A full clear and legible scanned VAT receipt must be uploaded, clearly identifying the aircraft, litres of fuel uplifted, VAT number where purchased and the date of uplift to be valid. Photographs are not acceptable and will be rejected by the system and will not be submitted for reclaim. This is to comply with VAT and accounting rules. VAT cannot be reclaimed without a VAT receipt. In the event of no VAT being charged for a fuel uplift, the claim will be repaid at the Ex-VAT rate. Unfortunately, VAT can no longer be reclaimed from overseas sales, and so this will be credited ex-VAT.

  • Original receipts no longer need to be sent in, but MUST be retained by the member for up to one year and shall be presented on demand.

  • In the event of a member leaving the club, all retained fuel receipts should be sent in so that your deposit can be returned.

  • Reclaims with receipts more than 2 months old at the time of submission will be rejected.

  • Fuel reclaims received will be credited each month before the invoices are sent out. This is usually within a few days of being received. The monthly cut off is the 15th of each month.