Mooney 231 Turbocharged - M20K


Fully IFR certified, SEP 210HP Continental TSIO-360-LB (fuel injected) engine, Garmin 430 GPS, Audio panel with 2 Comms - 8.33kHz enabled, 3 place intercom (+1 splitter available), 2 x ADF, GTX330 Mode S transponder, STEC 55 Autopilot, Radio Altimeter, 2 Altimeters, Nav1/GPS HSI, Nav2 VOR/GS coupled with KNS80 RNAV incl DME, Oxygen equipped. It is primarily a touring aircraft with the ability to carry four adults and plenty of fuel and can fly up to 24’000 feet. It can cruise up to 191kts with the most common cruise profiles at 160 and 140 knots IAS respectively. Max range at full fuel in economy cruise >1000nm.

£235 Per hour



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