Terms & Conditions

We like to keep things simple but there are some terms which are in place to keep the prices as low as possible.

Terms of Hour Building


  • Hours are at a pre-agreed rate and are often heavily reduced and as such, no refunds can be offered on hour building packages. We suggest you buy what you want to use or join as a full member.

  • Hour builders are limited to 4 hour blocks of bookings at a time, but this can be extended by prior arrangement for any longer trips that you may wish to plan.

  • We ask you to select your hour building block at either end of the day in the winter months, so that we can maximise aircraft usage. The only reason we can get such good rates is if we can get the aircraft flying as much as possible each day. During the summer months (when the clocks have gone forwards) we operate a slot system as below:

    • AM SLOT         0800-1200 (fuel is available from 8am)

    • LUNCH SLOT   1200-1600

    • PM SLOT         1600-2000 (You will need to book OOH to use this slot and ensure you are on the ground by sunset.)

  • Hour builder hours are for primary use during weekdays to increase utilisation, however we allocate one Cessna 150 for use by hour builders at weekend if they wish. First come first served basis on the lost system as above.

  • The hours are not exchangeable between aircraft types. For example, if you buy 25 hours on C150, these cannot be swapped for a PA28, you will need to buy another package.

  • You will be emailed a summary of your flights towards the end of each month.

  • Flight times are recorded as Block time, the same time you would record in your pilot log book.

  • The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the aircraft whilst you are in posession of the key. If the damage is insurable, you are liable to have to pay the insurance excess pertaining to the aircraft at the time. Details of which can be found in the insurance certificate carried in the aircraft.

  • You must leave the aircraft tied down and tidy as you found it. Damages to the aircraft and cleaning costs may be levied if unreasonable behaviour has 

  • You must treat the aircraft with care and respect. Any negligence will result in your immediate expulsion from the hour building scheme.

  • If you pick up fuel outside of blackbushe, you are to get a VAT receipt and you will be reimbursed on presentation of the receipt and a fuel reclaim form which can be found in the pilot resources pages. This rate is capped at the Blackbushe rate.

  • Your time slots, aircraft chosen may change or be adjusted due to operational requirements.

  • Your purchased hours are valid for two years and will expire after this time but can be flown over any time period within that. Regardless of fuel rates, you will lock your rate in at the time of purchase. Fuel rates can change each month and so the initial price can fluctuate.

  • By purchasing your hours, you agree to there terms above which may change from time to time. You will be notified by email of any changes whilst you have a live package running.


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