Terms & Conditions

We like to keep things simple but there are some terms which are in place to keep the prices as low as possible.

Terms of Hour Building



  • Hour Building is designed to offer cost neutral hire of aircraft to pilots needing to build hours towards a professional pilots licence. We don't make any profit from Hour Building activities, as such the Hour Builder is expected to be self sufficient by means of booking the aircraft for a chosen slot, and to effectively fly as much as possible within that slot and then leave the aircraft ready for the next booking.

  • Hour Building packages are not suitable for pilots wishing to have day trips with minimal flying, this is more suited towards a full membership where a monthly membership fee is levied to have favourable unrestricted use of aircraft.

  • The expectation is that for each 4 hour slot, the Hour Builder is to fly for 3 hours. 

Booking Conditions

  • Hour builders are limited to 4 hour blocks of bookings at a time, but this can be extended by prior arrangement for any longer trips that you may wish to plan. See 'Slot Extensions' Below.

  • We ask you to select your hour building block at either end of the day in the winter months, so that we can maximise aircraft usage. During the summer months (when the clocks have gone forwards) we operate a slot system as below:

    • AM SLOT         0800-1200 (fuel is available from 8am)

    • LUNCH SLOT   1200-1600

    • PM SLOT         1600-2000 (You will need to book OOH to use this slot and ensure you are on the ground by sunset.)

  • Hour builder hours are for primary use during weekdays to increase utilisation.

  • Hour Builders are required to fill up each aircraft type until its full before selecting a booking on another aircraft of the same type. For example, if a C150 has a AM slot booked, the lunch slot and the PM slot must be booked before another C150 can be booked. Similarly for a PA28 or C172 (which class as the same type).

  • Any bookings outside of the conditions are automatically cancelled from the system. The system will impose temporary booking restrictions if a number of violations have occurred in a short space of time.

  • We may from time to time have to change your bookings or chosen aircraft for operational reasons such as a maintenance issue on an aircraft that needs resolving.

  • Aircraft are charged based on Block time, the same time you enter into your log book.

Weekend Bookings

  • We allocate one aircraft for the use of Hour Building on weekend days. This can be either a C150, C172 or a PA28. This allocation is based on a first come first served basis. For example, a PA28 may have an HB booking for the first slot on a Saturday, and therefore all other bookings must fall in behind this. The Sunday may have a C150 booked and therefore all bookings must fall in behind this. The ONLY exception to this term is if a new Hour Builder has a check out that's needed to be performed and its the only day an instructor is available. Full paying members have priority on weekend bookings. It is their membership that supports the Hour Building scheme. 

  • Weekend aircraft allocation is that one weekend day must be a 2 seater, the other a 4 seater, again on a first come first served basis.

Slot Extensions

  • We recognise that on occasion, Hour Builders need to fly a longer slot in order to achieve the 300NM cross country, or to just have a full day flying. This can be requested by sending an email giving not less than 1 weeks notice of the intention to do this. Please bear in mind, that for each 4 hour slot booked, the flight time expected to be 3 hours, and so an 8 hour extended slot would have a 6 hour flight time minimum. Please avoid communicating by text message as these requests can be forgotten.

Exchange of Hours purchased and Refunds

  • The hours are not exchangeable between aircraft types. For example, if you buy 25 hours on C150, these cannot be swapped for a PA28, you will need to buy another package.

  • Hour Building packages are sold on the basis of commitment to buy a fixed number of block hours at a favourable fixed price. These packages cannot be refunded in part or in full. You are encouraged to buy only the hours that you need to complete your hours building requirement.

  • Hour Building packages are strictly non-transferable.

Flying other aircraft

  • Sadly, we cannot offer adhoc hire on other aircraft. You'll need to purchase a package that supports that aircraft type. This flexibility is more suited to a membership.

Insurance & Damages

  • The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the aircraft whilst you are in possession of the aircraft key. If the damage is insurable, you are liable to have to pay the insurance excess pertaining to the aircraft at the time. Details of which can be found in the insurance certificate carried in the aircraft which you must read to ensure you are aware of the possible excess. If you have damaged the aircraft through negligence, the insurance may not pay out, and sadly you will be fully liable for any repair costs incurred.


  • You must leave the aircraft tied down and tidy as you found it. Damages to the aircraft and cleaning costs may be levied if unreasonable behaviour has been found.

  • You must treat the aircraft with care and respect. The majority of GA aircraft are in their elder years and aggressive changes of throttle control or sudden movement can cause damage, and you'll want to look after it, as you expect the aircraft to look after you. Taxi speeds must be kept to a minimum and when taxying from the grass area to the main taxi ways, please do so slowly and with caution as the area is bumpy and you risk a prop strike event. Any negligence will result in your immediate expulsion from the hour building scheme.

  • You must remove any rubbish and throw away any used oil containers in the bins provided by the cafe.


  • If you pick up fuel outside of Blackbushe, you are to obtain a VAT receipt and you will be reimbursed flight credit on presentation of the receipt and a fuel reclaim form which can be found in the pilot resources pages of the website. Please check you are familiar with the terms of the fuel reclaim system before uplifting fuel elsewhere.

Instructor Checkout

  • Each Hour Builder is required to have a ground briefing and check flight with a group approved instructor. Our approved instructors are Blackbushe Aviation. The charge for a 1 hour ground briefing and 1 hour flight is fixed at £95, payable to the flying school. Any further checkouts on other aircraft types will be chargeable at their standard hourly instructor rate. Once you have your booking log in, you can call them on 01252 877727 to book your checkout.

Package Validity

  • Your purchased hours are valid for two years and will expire after this time but can be flown over any time period within that. Regardless of fuel rates, you will lock your rate in at the time of purchase. Fuel rates can change each month and so the initial price can fluctuate.

Hours Accounting

  • You will be emailed a statement summary of your flights towards the end of each month. As of July 2020, Hour Builders are on an account system where you can see effectively how much money you have left on account towards your chosen package rate. 'My Account' option on the booking system will show your flights and credit balance once each statement has been generated each month.

After the Hour Building

  • Many Hour Builders recognise the quality and variation of our fleet, along with our good connections with CPL, MEIR instructors and examiners. We can offer bespoke CPL, MEIR packages and put you in touch with instructors to continue your onwards training on our aircraft, offering overall a very reduced cost versus paying a flying school directly, as you are effectively providing your own aircraft. Please get in touch to discuss this when you are ready to start planning this step of your career development.