Hour Building

Suitable for future professional pilots wishing to build hours quickly in order to gain sufficient hours and experience prior to commencing CPL training. We have nurtured over 95 professional pilots through hour building over the years and are the original hour building club.

The aircraft can be yours to fly for your entire booking and you won't get cancelled bookings due to flying school activities and distractions taking priority.

Cessna C150


25 hours - £2500 (£100 per hr)

50 hours - £4750 (£95 per hr)

75 hours - £6750 (£90 per hr)

100 hours - £8500 (£85 per hr)


Piper PA28 and/or Cessna 172


25 hours - £3725 (£149 per hr)

50 hours - £7250 (£145 per hr)

75 hours - £10500 (£140 per hr)

100 hours - £13500 (£135 per hr)


What it includes


All home airfield landing fees included plus touch & go's

Many ideas of where to go and challenges for your flying


Access to online booking system


All fuel & VAT

NO membership is required

*Prices correct as of 01/03/2020

How do I get started with Hour Building?


Get in touch via phone, email or use the message bar below. You can pre-purchase the hours via PayPal by selecting the BUY NOW buttons above or Click the Hour Builders link below to access the bank account details to make a direct transfer.

Complete the step by step process and then you will need to be signed off by the group instructor. Once this is complete - its all yours! Book whenever you want, and fly as often as you want


You will need to request a password to access the hour building application forms
Contact us 

07580 848484


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