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Here's what some of our Members have to say...

"As a professional airline pilot, I was looking for a high quality flying group, with a wide range of well-looked after aircraft that were easily available for me given my irregular shift patterns. With the EGLK group, I not only found what I was looking for, but it also came with extremely competitive prices and a highly committed owner who isn't afraid to spend money on the aircraft when needed, either for repairs or to upgrade equipment. There are continually new and exciting aircraft joining the group, as well as new high quality members who are all committed to making sure everyone can enjoy doing what we all love. I cannot recommend the EGLK group enough. After all, the more members we have, the wider the range of aircraft will be made available to continue satisfying the demand!"


M. Hardman, ATPL, Senior First Officer at A Large British Airline, Windsor

“I joined the group nine months ago as a new PPL. Having considered all the other options in this area, Blackbushe Flying Club offered the best value flying for my needs coupled with a range of aircraft and level of availability not matched by other schools or clubs. Since then it has met and exceeded all my expectations. I have racked up thirty-odd hours, completed differences training for complex types, and met and learned from a great group of fellow pilots. The access to Blackbushe Aviation’s excellent instructors is also a real bonus. The aircraft are well looked-after, Dan’s communication is spot on, and any issues are dealt with expediently. EGLK also has great FISOs, ground staff and facilities – which everyone else has for fork out a fair amount in landing fees (which are covered for group members). All in all, it’s a great way to fly.”


D. Kilburn, PPL, Teacher, Kingston Upon Thames

“I've been a member for over a year and I've found the Blackbushe Flying Group to be outstanding. I already fly three of the current fleet, including taking one for a three day trip to Europe! They are all well maintained with good availability and the group management makes a huge effort to accommodate the needs of the members. Also, with the Blackbushe landing fees and fuel included in the rates, I feel that the group offers great value for money. I would be happy to recommend the Blackbushe Flying Group to any prospective members.”

J. Moore, PPL, IT Director, Camberley

"A brilliant selection of very well maintained aircraft offering something for everyone no matter what their level of experience. The range of aircraft allow a pilot to progress and develop their skills without having to go to different clubs or training organisations and the availability is generally very good. The close association with the Training school gives access to a wide range of instructors."


D. Groves, PPL, Telecoms Projects Director, Woking

“I joined the EGLK group after the TB-20 in which I owned a share, was sold; a lovely aircraft and sad loss for me!  Dan runs a very slick ship, with a lovely choice of well-maintained, clean and well-equipped aircraft. There is an aircraft to suit any occasion from touring to a quick bimble. The hire rates are very good value. The availability is great and I have had no problem booking an aircraft.

I thoroughly recommend EGLK group and look forward to some shared flying.”


P. Denbigh, PPL, Managing Director, Ash